Thursday, November 23, 2006

Secret Training

So last week saw me spend a week in 'The Shack' down in Lorne with the uni mates. Total floor space of that thing can't have been more than our dining room and living room combined so with 8 people it was a bit of a squish, but also meant very little cleaning at the end so we made do.

Unfortunately the weather really didn't turn it on for us, well not what we were after anyway. Snow was special but not good surfing weather. I only hit the surf twice, once on the first day, and then at 3am on the second day for a night swim, found some penguins to chase around for a while. And of course being out and about that late in Lorne means a bit of a sesh on the trampolines. One positive out of the week was I got to put in some decent KM's on the roadie. Tuesday saw the Lorne-Ocean Grove-Lorne round trip for 150+, you gotta love headwinds, 2hrs 20 to Ocean Grove, 3hrs back. Plus it started raining, it did let up coming into Lorne though giving me ripping rainbow to capture. PS. Ocean Grove bakery - don't bother with the Ned Kelly Pie but the Lemon Meringue Pie's are tops.

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Wednesday was snow day so we made the trek into Erskine Falls to see it, and it was a trek after Dan decided it was safer to park the '62 EK wagon at the top of the hill rather than risk not being able to get back up the other side. Falls were cool, until it started raining again and made the trip a short one favouring the comfort of the car than trekking around, we did have time to lose the vortex though so that sucked.

Thursday saw me take off on the roadie again, this time the 100 KM's from Lorne to Apollo Bay and back. A much nicer ride, all Great Ocean Road, no highway, the sun was out and the headwind was on the way down, making the trip home all the more enjoyable. I did flat though, and wasn't carrying any Co2, meaning I had to use a pump, can't remember the last time I did that and don't plan on doing it again soon. PS. Apollo Bay Bakery - I hate sweet chilli but the Sweet Chilli and Cheese Sausage Roll goes down well, and the Apple and Cherry Slice is definitely edible. Decided to stop on the way home for a snap of the coast with the sun out to contrast my rainbow from the previous ride.

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Friday was home day, via Jeff's house in Ocean Grove (actually Jess's but with three Jess's out of eight people we gave them code names - Jeff = Jess F, Justin = Jess T, Jerry = Jess R). Won't ever be turning down an invite back there. We walk in, see a pool and spa, Bails jokingly asks, 'Where's the sauna?', the reply of 'inside' was not expected but pretty much sums the place up, very cool. We finally made it home about 7pm after lazing away many hours at Jeff's house and I got a night's sleep in my own bed.

Saturday night was spend on a lilo, in a tent, in Ballarat, for Sunday saw me taking on my first solo effort in the Ballarat 6hr Enduro and what an initiation it was. The aim was 9 laps, and with the heat what it was I thought was pretty reasonable. A couple of laps in and I'd pretty much learnt the course, really good fun with staying off the brakes a very doable and rewarding thing on the reasonably flowing but hairy descents. I'd punched out 6 in a little over 3 hours when the heat really hit - I later found out it hit 42 D's on the sixth lap - I had a seat with some ice to cool off not knowing or caring where I was overall - official results aren't out yet but it turns out I may have podiumed without it, then again, I may have also passed out. Anway, I ticked out another 3 laps only to reallise I still had 20 minutes to go before 6 hours were up. The only thing to do was go out for double figures, a croozy 10th lap saw a 10 minute break with an injured rider that couldn't walk before finishing what is hopefully the first of many solo enduro's. Special thanks to A Sleeman and S Liston for riding quick in all the previous rounds meaning we'd already wrapped up the three man category overall allowing me to put myself through the pain that is solo. A quick packup and drive home and I got to spend what seems to be a rather rare night in my own bed.

Monday morning sees the phone ringing and suddenly I'm off to Torquay for another couple of days and another night on the lilo in a tent. Weather was finally right for the beach and we spent the day at Jan Juc with some ripping surf. Unfortunately Tuesday didn't turn out as it was predicted and the weather nor surf was working so no 'in the water' time was achieved, a couple of hours snoozing on the beach was still nice before an early trip home. At this stage it has to be said, it may be old but Dan's EK is the ultimate beach-mobile, just throw everything in, plus you look the part, except for those damn cycling tan lines, I swear I'm stained for life.

I haven't played b'ball seriously in 8 years but was supposedly pretty good at it back then, so Tuesday night was interesting. A mate from high school gave me a call saying they were short, did I want to play, what the hell, I wasn't going to sleep. Someone forgot to mention that you have to sprint in basketball and all that's left to say is I was shagged by the end, they want me playing every week so I must have done something right though, we'll see how the sprinting thing goes though, it hurt, alot.

The last couple of days have been more back into routine though. I figured I should probably start doing the training thing if I want to be anywhere near the pace over summer on the MTB so wednesday night saw three hours on the MTB including two with the FTF bunch, good weather saw a big turnout but with JD pressing the pace up front there were only four finishers of which I was only just one of, JD is flying. And following that, today, another hurt session, this time without the bike, I just have to keep telling myself this running thing will get easier.

Sorry about the lack of pics, I reckon I've got excuses though - can't take photos and ride the whole time at the 6hour, Torquay was pretty much eat/sleep/surf which is a very lazy lifestyle not compatible with photography, I know you don't care about basketball so didn't bother and everyone knows the Yarra Trails like the back of their hand so no point with pics of them. Now that it looks like I'll be home a bit more there shouldn't be much to write about, plus I'll be able to update more, so you won't have to read this much dribble on a regular basis.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

72! don't make me laugh

And so the riding begins, first ride post exams yesterday. Ever felt like you should just give up, yesterday was one of those days, going backwards all day. A croozy E1/E2 ride down along the beach until is started raining and I took any turn that headed to clear skies. Turned into about 80km via the city, with the heart rate jumping at any sign of an ascent. What's really funny, the Polar thinks I'm still fit - says my VO2 is at 72 - certainly made me laugh.

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My newest bike bits

In other news, had a staff meeting at work today, someone had their bike in for a few upgrades which involved ditching the panic levers from their roadie. I scored them and will now have to turn them into a fixie and/or cross bike, any suggestions or donations for the rest of it? I'm really hoping it doesn't go from one of those 'as cheap as possible' projects to the 'nothing but the best projects' as I really can't afford it.

PS. Already tuned them with alloy clamp bolts saving a whopping 2 grams per lever to make the set 86 grams.