Wednesday, November 08, 2006

72! don't make me laugh

And so the riding begins, first ride post exams yesterday. Ever felt like you should just give up, yesterday was one of those days, going backwards all day. A croozy E1/E2 ride down along the beach until is started raining and I took any turn that headed to clear skies. Turned into about 80km via the city, with the heart rate jumping at any sign of an ascent. What's really funny, the Polar thinks I'm still fit - says my VO2 is at 72 - certainly made me laugh.

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My newest bike bits

In other news, had a staff meeting at work today, someone had their bike in for a few upgrades which involved ditching the panic levers from their roadie. I scored them and will now have to turn them into a fixie and/or cross bike, any suggestions or donations for the rest of it? I'm really hoping it doesn't go from one of those 'as cheap as possible' projects to the 'nothing but the best projects' as I really can't afford it.

PS. Already tuned them with alloy clamp bolts saving a whopping 2 grams per lever to make the set 86 grams.

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you have an illness........!