Thursday, December 21, 2006

Working, working, working

Like Ash who did a crazy 75hrs at work last week I too can't get away, Xmas is around the corner and Chadstone certainly reflects that. No roadie time this week but did get out for a spin on the mtb a couple of times, unfortunately both times it just wasn't meant to be - Wednesday sees another Fatties ride. By the time an hours ride time was done the car keys had jumped out of my pocket, a bidon cage screw had come undone and the powerlink had come undone resulting in an awkward and painfull 'off'...I cracked the sads and went home.

Saturday was meant to be an easy spin around Lysterfield with a couple of guys from Camby GX and a loyal customer/Yeti rider, Russ. 10 minutes in - a flat resulting in tyre distortion off a drop resulting in me eating it. Stuffed left knee, stuffed right hip and gravel rash on left knee, above and below right knee plus right forearm and right butt cheek. Yeah, it sucked - toughed it out for an hour only to once again throw in the towel.

So now I'm hurting, still haven't been on the bike bar riding to work, and work has been everyday - bring on Xmas, new years, less work and more riding I say - money is overrated - well atleast at the moment while there's no cool bike bits I want to buy. That brings me to the GT Peace Single Speed - all paid for and built up. Hopefully I get some serious time on it in the very near future, put the fun back in. Maybe an Xmas day ride is in order.

Oh, and although they're delayed I found some pics from the Officer State Round dubbed 'El Scorcho' by Winny.
The start, me hanging on the back - no sense in starting on the pace if you aint gonna stay there.
Really hooking the corner...not - at this point I was rolling with a finish the goal, no matter how slow.
And it was very slow - slow enough to allow a reload between pics in that short distance.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hot - the weather, not the bike...OK that's hot too

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There we go, the race bike is done ready for the summer, click the piccies if you want to see 'em bigger. Smack bang on 8.9kg as it's pictured so I'm pretty chuffed to say the least.

Not so good was yesterday's first round of the State Series run out at Officer by the Fatties. It's nice to go ride around, and that's all it was for me yesterday. The Polar tells me the temps were averaging 41 DC's, maxing out at 43 and I didn't have the intensity in me to start with, let alone to race in that weather. First lap sees the bottle escape from its prison three times in five minutes, then a brain fart sees a bad line and a ripped sidewall aka flat tyre. So no liquid and a flat resulted in a 29 minute lap when it should have been 24 and hence saw me in survival mode for the next three laps, a finish would be good enough - thanks to the whoever made the call to reduce the lap count, it was brutal enough.

Chugging along at snails pace, drinking half a litre every 10 minutes, I started to see some sense in my actions as guys I thought had left me for dead were dropping like flies in the heat. I ended up way off the pace with Scotty Chancelor blitzing the field for the W. Being last was finisher still meant 6th though and some points, almost 5th but Lewie caught a glimpse of me chasing and pulled the finger out - who's up for invisible lycra? Dan B's pedal fell off ending the battle at the front end of Elite leaving Winny to smash through the five laps solo for a four minute win. Good to see the Mont dust is all gone, he can breathe and is back on some pace for next week's National Round in Thredbo.

Well that's it for my racing until 2007, I aint making the trek to Thredbo. Plenty of riding though, afterall - I should be picking up a new GT Peace Single Speed today so I'll have to make use of it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Industry9 - oh yeah!

So results are up for the 6hour, a 5th place finish for myself is where I'd thought I'd finished, but still surprised myself. I thought it was a good kick start to some training but that kinda fell in a heap. Only been on the bike twice since - one of those times the 20km round trip to/from work so barely counts. Work is flat-knacker, went from no shifts to 36 hours this week, plus the work Christmas party writing off the following day and we see a distinct lack of ride time.

Day off tomorrow though so the hell ride it is with Damage and Co. I'm assuming a distinct lack of MTBers there though as the Kona 24hr is on this weekend. Hopefully Ash will be keeping us updated live via Felt Racing. Also good luck to Luke our friend from the UK who only today confirmed he had a bike when he picked Damage's up from work.

In other news, and definitely the most exciting - my Industry9 wheels showed up last night. Laced with the lighter of the options in hubs and spokes to Stan's ZTR355 rims I've ended up with a wheelset weighing in at 1445grams. Add to that the amazing stiffness and the hub quality and reliability of a King and you have what must be close to the best wheelset around for us XC guys. Thanks to Shannon at MTBPrecision for the time he's spent organising them for me. Look forward to some pics and a ride report as soon as I have the time to firstly get them on the bike, and secondly get myself on the bike for a ride.