Thursday, December 21, 2006

Working, working, working

Like Ash who did a crazy 75hrs at work last week I too can't get away, Xmas is around the corner and Chadstone certainly reflects that. No roadie time this week but did get out for a spin on the mtb a couple of times, unfortunately both times it just wasn't meant to be - Wednesday sees another Fatties ride. By the time an hours ride time was done the car keys had jumped out of my pocket, a bidon cage screw had come undone and the powerlink had come undone resulting in an awkward and painfull 'off'...I cracked the sads and went home.

Saturday was meant to be an easy spin around Lysterfield with a couple of guys from Camby GX and a loyal customer/Yeti rider, Russ. 10 minutes in - a flat resulting in tyre distortion off a drop resulting in me eating it. Stuffed left knee, stuffed right hip and gravel rash on left knee, above and below right knee plus right forearm and right butt cheek. Yeah, it sucked - toughed it out for an hour only to once again throw in the towel.

So now I'm hurting, still haven't been on the bike bar riding to work, and work has been everyday - bring on Xmas, new years, less work and more riding I say - money is overrated - well atleast at the moment while there's no cool bike bits I want to buy. That brings me to the GT Peace Single Speed - all paid for and built up. Hopefully I get some serious time on it in the very near future, put the fun back in. Maybe an Xmas day ride is in order.

Oh, and although they're delayed I found some pics from the Officer State Round dubbed 'El Scorcho' by Winny.
The start, me hanging on the back - no sense in starting on the pace if you aint gonna stay there.
Really hooking the corner...not - at this point I was rolling with a finish the goal, no matter how slow.
And it was very slow - slow enough to allow a reload between pics in that short distance.

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Ash Thomas said...

I beat that, 81.5 hours the week after...!!