Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Damage and Stars

Don't you hate that - you start out spinning squares and 100km later you're no closer to circles - not my smoothest day on the bike today.

It started with Damage and I heading out for what he'd planned to be an easy one, which suited me down to the ground not having been on the bike since the Kinglake hit out on Friday. While trying to get the feet going in circles we trundled out towards the 1in20. The pain was almost over when an clad bullet from the other direction disrupted our plans. We turned and rode to the bottom with Macca to accompany him back up. With the road pointing up though 15cc's of SE was on the cards for him so he promptly rode away and had us in a rather sizable box within a couple of minutes.

Finally hitting the tourist road he turned it down a tad and we rolled over into Montrose, Croydon, Ringwood - all the wonderful places on earth. He headed back home to Gazman's leaving us with more k's in the legs than we'd planned on doing already but still with an hour of riding to be done tomorrow's plan to do the KFC loop was in jeopardy. I finally got home having done twice as much as I planned, just ticking over the hunji k's, not to mention two bergs instead of one. Anyway, as I write this the skins are on and the KFC loop is still on the cards for tomorrow. At least Damage should be creeping as well to keep me company.

Oh, if you want to kill some time head over Paulie's blog to read about his incident filled Nationals weekend that still resulted in him being crowned the short and olympic distance junior national champion. The boy has talent.

Lastly - this blog has been lacking some decent pictures of late so I thought I'd throw one up of what I rate close to the best looking bike I've ever seen. Owner is Shannon of mtbprecision. All the good bits - Blacksheep, Industry9, Formula, Middleburn, Dirty Dog, Moots - see more pics and the details here. He's even healed up enough to ride it now - what a blast.

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Ash Thomas said...

good to see you hammering out the posts of late!! There has been some tardy posters recently, and its good to have something new to read!

keep it up, and get out that camera!!