Wednesday, January 03, 2007

OK, OK, I'll update

HMMM, December 21 - how the time flies - that's when you last heard from me. Christmas has gone, New Years has gone and I'm only updating it now so Ash doesn't e-yell at me anymore.

So what did Santa bring me - of most importance is the UGG boots, mmm, bring on winter and warm feet. Other things to note - the olds chipped in on the new helmet (carbon goodness on a Specialized Decibel) and Sis managed to swing me some schwag from Venice (a couple of Italian Silk Ties - probably worth more than my suit).

Made my brothers day with some flip flops - the trendy havanas (or however the hell you spell that) - accompanied by some SUGA - if you don't know Suga you need to find one - anyway both he and i highly recommend the Rhubarb and custard. Mum was pretty chuffed aswell - no longer does she have a little terracotta pot of little open packets of herbs and spices that end up spilt all over the kitchen. Bubs (little bro) and I hooked her up with a sweet spinning chrome/class/sprinkly top spice rack that fits perfectly after my custom mods.

New Years saw no plans until about 9 on the Eve - ended up at a mate's ex's house in Bayswater for a very bogan party. Not a big night but always good to catch up with some people you haven't seen in a while. The earlyish night meant one thing though - New Years Day riding. Goldcross softed out and decided not to open so I was free as a bird to hit the bergs on the roadie. Up the 1in20, down Belgrave Ferny Creek Road/Terry Avenue (no pedalling, on the brakes, 90km/h - a couple more runs and I'm thinking I'll crack the hunjie), up
Sherbrooke Road, down The Crescent/Sass Creek Road, up Perrins Creek Road and then down the 1in20 saw me pretty happy. Not too much hurt and not too slow either.

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The altitude profile from the bergs ride - mmm, fun. 150bpm average.

Other than that riding has been limited to some beach road action after work. However, I have been getting a fair bit in so hopefully there is still some resemblance of fitness for the second state round this weekend at Mt. Beauty. Going up saturday with J-Bus for a looksee at the track, he's hooked me up with a bed for the night at a very reasonable $10 so all is set. Even managed to get some tech skills tuning in on the MTB tonight with the Fatties crew aswell as a burn around Lysterfield solo just on twilight last Friday. Stay tuned for a report - and hopefully some of my own personal piccies of the sweet new Felt Virtues - rumour has it Paul VDP will have his for the weekend.

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