Monday, January 29, 2007

Roadie K's - plus a beach getaway

I've now been Scaleless for almost 4 days. Thursday night saw a fella called Anthony become the proud new owner of this.
I couldn't help but snap a piccy before it left. Got an email from the man confirming it's sweet after a burn around the Youies on Saturday. Glad you're happy Anthony.

Now onto the long weekend and thanks to Jimmy and Neil (and their Otways prep) I was forced to turn the legs over on the roadie. As the sun rose on Australia day I was up and on my way. Meeting them at 6.30am in Heidelberg we trundled our way out to Kinglake followed by Yarra Glen, Kangaroo Ground, Warrandyte and finally Eltham before leaving them to head home. 115km, a few good bergs - thanks guys.

Then the real surprise came - lazing on the couch in front of the cricket I was disturbed by Bails. We decided what better way to spend the rest of the weekend than at the beach. A quick call to Jess in Ocean Grove and we'd secured some accom and we were on our way. Not the greatest weather for surfing but perfect for Bails' new toy. Fourth time flying the kite, first time actually out on the water.
In other news - nationals in Canberra has been run and won - hats off to everyone who raced, course looks like an oven - anyone heard of shade? Anyway, Tory won the chicks - Jongers won the guys - Shaunie got up in U23 and took second overall. Other mentions to Muzza who pulled third overall - Norris and Maebus for second and third in U23 - top rides boys. And just to continue his amazing form - Paulie VDP won the U19's with speeds that would have seen only Jongers and Shaunie able to hold him off in the big boys race. Flying is an understatement.