Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Beauty aint Beut

Starting to get some racing under the belt now with dirt crits and state round #2, although the body definitely isn't up to the task - still good fun. Thursday night saw a couple of hours of trails with Maebus before racing the dirt crits in at Westgate. Snozza was back running the show, I was in A grade, plenty of names turned out and I was ready to hurt. The gun went and the heart rate skyrocketed - stayed with it for about half a lap before the big guns turned the screws. Results are here showing Maebus taking the W.

Don't know what happened - could have been the combo of 3 hours sleep on Friday night and some potentially bad fish for dinner but Saturday saw me feeling dehydrated, nauseous and generally crap. Got in a couple of laps of Beauty (which I might say is superb and I expect to see everyone there for the National Round in Feb), lay in the creek for a while then had the biggest bowl of pasta my stomach could handle (about 6 spoonfuls) and went to bed at 7pm. Woke up raceday morning at 8am thinking the 13 hours shut-eye and the rain should have me firing and the track flying. Track was super quick, but no firing from me.

Got the lead from the gun and stayed there up the lower slopes but it wasn't to be, managed to get some funky forces going out of one of the dippers near the end of lap 1 which pulled the rear wheel and the group was gone so I got to solo it in with billowing lap times. Check out TMB for results and stay tuned for some pics as there where plenty of trigger happy photographers on course. I need two hats - the first to tip to Paulie VDP for starting with the Juniors a minute 30 down on elite and proceeding to catch and drop them all. The second hat gets tipped to Erin for blasting us all in Expert after catching the train/bus to Bright and riding the Gap just to get to the race.

Props to TMB for the track, good to see some serious techy bits coming back to the XC scene. Thanks to Maebus for driving, to Catherine (who managed 3rd behind Tory and Dellys) for the Accom and to Jordan aka Home-J for a couple of pics below.

And how are things now, whatever I've got isn't gone yet - not really eating and generally feeling rubbish. Something to keep me excited though - that period of thinking my bike purchasing is over for a while seems to be about to end - I want a duallie so if anyone wants a GT single speed or a Scott Scale that I've had weighing as low as 8.9kg then get in contact. I'll post details when things are more certain.

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