Saturday, February 24, 2007

7 straight

My last post was on the 13th, and that day was the first of 7 straight on the bike!!
13th - bergs on the roadie with SE's
14th - Fatties ride. Note to self: bring lights from now on, riding without seeing is fun until you find yourself off the bike
15th - Dirt Crits - found out it was a handicap, go hell for leather to finish and find out I had a 4 minute handicap and I didn't stand a chance to begin with. Add in the ride in and it's good k's in the legs though.
16th - Give the new (read bitsa) hardtail a thrashing to and from work. Had probably my first real commuter experience. Riding home, 10 o clock at night, old worn out Deore derailleur decides to shed a jockey wheel. No chance to find it so a single speed conversion with a multi-tool under the red glow of my tail light next to the bike path was good fun. It got me home trouble free though.
17th - Three and a half hours of Dandenongs on the roadie - went as quick as I can remember up the 1in20 so all is going well, only just though - would have cracked the hunji today until I nearly came off at 97, whatever I hit, it was small but threw the wheel a long way.
18th - Fatties HDATO 8 hr, John had to leave at 1pm so I got to do a bit more than 5 hours of the day - very lazy though, two easy laps, another three easy laps, one easy lap, finish off with a hot lap. Probably didn't spend enough calories to warrant the Buxton Burger stop on the way home but hey, when Eva stopped I couldn't say no.
19th - just the recovery roadie spin, but it's still riding and makes for 7 days straight on the bike.

Fatties ride again on Wednesday, forgot the lights - damn. Bellie was the only guy to bring them and guess what, he tried to make out with a tree (Valentine's was last Wednesday Bellie), anyway - he's got a nice little slice in his cheek. Doesn't affect the legs though so he'll still be flying.

Thursday nearly saw my breaking point with the heat, just couldn't stand to go riding in it again, so sticky. But I was good and went riding anyway, it was at 9 o clock at night though, night training just adds that extra edge. Two and a half hours, you see a different side to the world at night. Managed to make use of the new toy - two megapixels of camera in the new phone mean something close to respectable photos, not really at night but the day piccies come out alright.

Night piccies not so good - from the Thursday night roadie ride, these boys were obviously very impressed with their handiwork. Very red and very sparkly. Now don't go getting them confiscated.

Day piccies, respectable quality for a phone. Ash (the man with the beer) will be happy to know the camera works so I've now got no excuse to gets some pics on this blog. As for Erin, don't know what he's doing, but when you're going that quick you can do what you want.

Side note: We've got some pretty cool bikes in at work at the moment - this one is the only Fuji Team Issue hardtail in the Southern Hemisphere - 9.7kg out of the box with UST tyres and Reba's, has potential. You know what's even cooler, it aint for sale, purely show because...
That stamp was on all the XTR gear. Special!!

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