Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Damage and Stars...Again.

So for once I was up for it - I met Damage on Thursday morning, expecting him to be accompanied by Steiny and Rossi and ready for some decent bergs. It wasn't to be though, Steiny and Rossi had bailed and Damage had 'damaged' his knee, hehe, get it - terrible, anyway, we decided some easy k's would have to suffice so headed down to Mordialloc. To continue the star parade from Wednesday we ran into some green and gold stripes in the form of Murray Spink out spinning the legs in preparation for the Otway Odyssey, had a chat, bike bits this, bike bits that, what his plans were for the Odyssey etc. and those plans were pretty decent in the end as he managed to take out the big W by 8 minutes and the 3 G's on a cheque that followed. Check out the results and pics at Rapid Ascent or Cyclingnews. In the women Tory continued her dominance of Australian female mountain biking winning from Emma Colson.

And so back to our ride, Muzza left us at Black Rock and we barreled along until we ran into one of Damage's ex-Mapei mates. Into St. Kilda, over to Carlton for a brew stop (how good are home made cookies) and then home in a round about way to complete another 80 clicks. Not big numbers but hey, atleast I'm riding.

Friday was work, Saturday was a lazy day until I remembered basketball went back so I had to ref (I really should ditch that), Sunday was work, which brought us to Monday. What was shaping up to be a lazy day changed with a call from Steiny, an early evening spin occurred, a very sticky night. Only beach road again which is getting mind numbingly boring but a few funnies along the way made it worth while.

Funny Number 1
- hit beach road as a guy motorpacing goes past
- excellent, free motorpace
- ride onto back of motorpace
- motorpace is only going 30km/h!
- ride past motorpace
- can you say 'what's the point?'

Funny Number 2
- boredom is kicking in
- flat, straight, pedal
- then a struggling cyclist on the footpath
- he's trying to ride but the wheels won't turn
- i couldn't be bothered stopping to tell him that the lock he still had locked through his rear wheel and triangle would stop it from turning, surely he'd figure it out
- gave me a good 5 minutes of chuckling though, at least he's trying

And so the ride continued, into St. Kilda, Albert Park, a few laps of the course just so I could beat Steiny in some sprints and then the urban warrior route home via Olympic Boulevard and Swan Street at the end of peak hour.

Tuesday is basketball day so I told myself not to ride as this basketball thing is serious, gotta get a win on the board, and I didn't ride. I did something even more stupid, went running, idiot. We did manage to get a W at b'ball and I did manage to stay out to 4am for a going away/birthday celebration (ran into Norris, Maebus and D-Mac but it appears they softed out as I didn't see them past about 1am, the pro's gotta do what the pro's gotta do, still soft though). Right now, VMO is aching, quads just don't want to hold any contraction and I am scolding myself for that stupid running thing, idiot.

The hurt is eased somewhat though, got a seatpost today and so the duallie is done. 10.7kg and lookin' fine. You Yangs State Round this weekend, might go give it a whirl there. GMBC are advertising a new course and they're always good down that way. Two weeks from 'Hard Day at the Office' and it looks like i may be soloing it. Sleeman seems to be ditching me to ride in another team so no pairs for me. 8 hours solo! Maybe I should go get some k's in the legs instead of writing this. Cya - oh yeah, piccie of the new duallie below. Thanks Shannon aka MTBPrecision for the Formula Oro Puro brakes and Industry Nine Wheels. Unbelievably Sweet!!

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