Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SE? What's That

Three years, that's about how long I think it's been since I did some training - yeah I've always been riding the bike but not much more, no purpose to it. Today saw the return of some purpose with a few SE's out in the Dandenongs, the legs ache, but it's a good ache. With that extra effort up the bergs came an average speed for the ride around the 30 click mark, a couple of clicks higher than it usually is - nice!

Let's put this date down as the start of what can hopefully be some extended purposeful training. Another milestone today as well - hit up the Belgrave-Ferny Creek road and went faster again, still on the brakes a bit but know it pretty well now. I reckon next time will be no brakes and the hunji will be cracked, 98.5km/h today is however the fastest I've ever been on a bike - pity it's a 60 zone and I nearly ran up the back of a Nissan Patrol at the bottom, not to mention the kamikaze kid on a 16" that rolled down his driveway straight out into the road about 30 metres in front of me and a car coming the other way - both of us slammed the brakes and he received a spray from both of us.

Now off to basketball, can we turn last weeks win into a two game winning streak?

Oh, fatties ride tomorrow night is on the cards I think. I assume you'll all be there getting in some mtb chamois time before the weekends 8hr? Hans of the fatties has the form and so the MTBPrecision.com.au pair of John Uren and myself is all signed up. 38 degrees forecast so esky shopping is on the cards for tomorrow - a big one.

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