Tuesday, March 20, 2007

M14? M14! Gah.

M14 - what are the odds of that!!

I haven't ridden the roadie for a week, why? On Friday I went to put the new bits on, and was fairly surprised to find the bottom bracket required M14 crank bolts, since when did that ever happen. Anyway, they're on their way and I'll have it back together in no time.

In the meantime though we'll call it forced tapering for Sunday's Big Hill Events Marathon. I have managed to get some decent MTB rides in though.

Let's start with Tuesday's road ride/commute to uni, feeling a tickle in the throat I decided against the stresses of the Dandenongs detour and went straight to uni. As I started later than my bag courier I left at the same time as they did which meant we really could see who got there quicker. Let's just say that from Blackburn to Frankston leaving at 8am you're 5 minutes quicker on a bike, the girls (bag couriers) where quite surprised to see me when they arrived. There is something extremely satisfying about belting past standstill traffic for kilometre after kilometre.

Now the week of MTBing. As always Wednesday night meant Fatties ride. With the car out of action I was forced to ride out, and seeing as it takes half an hour to get there in the car, I was leaving at 6.15 and the ride starts at 6.30 I didn't plan on actually making it. Satisfying again, twice in two days the bike is faster than a car and I made it but the legs where a little worse for wear after the TT effort. The bunch showed no pity though, from the gun it was on - with riders from Specialized, Felt, Giant, Kona and Scott all pushing the pace the Fatties ride was even more so the Fatties race. The dust was worse, you can't see, you can't breathe and now the ride doesn't wait and barely slows. About a third of the starting bunch finished the ride together and I then struggled home. A quick heads up to all, rain today so tomorrow's ride will hopefully be dust free!! or at least reduced so I'll see you all there.

With the road bike in pieces on Friday and a couple of M14 crank bolts short the hell ride was of the cards on Saturday, but Maebus hooked me up with a sweet MTB ride. Starting somewhere in the Upwey area at Jr. Bucky's new digs Brett, Gaz, Maebus, myself aswell as SA.com's D-Mac on the new Teschner and DH prodigy Joel H who was making a rare appearance back on the XC bike hit up a few sweet little local trails, along the way encountering the local bike bandit's playground. We were scared to walk on this stuff let alone ride it. Can anyone say sketch?

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Maebus made it too the end

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
D-Mac investigating the flex - this thing was like a springboard at the bottom.

We then made our way over the notorious Wellington Road blind crossing of death and into Lysterfield. Thanks to the sprinkle of rain the previous night the trails were in prime condition, endless grip is good. Anyway, we belted around there for a while barely having to touch the brakes, 'twas a blast.

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Took a break to watch this guy thinking we were in for a show but saw about 5 seconds of hang time in 10 minutes, to quote D-Mac - he was 'tits on a bull'. Feeling like we'd never get that 10 minutes of our lives back we trundled home the most direct route which just so happened to include some decent fire road climbing (I should see plenty of that this Sunday), props to Jimmy for riding all of them on the single speed not to mention the whole Comm Games Course - yep, he cleaned the rock garden and all those annoying uphill rock ledge switchbacks on the single speed.

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Of course, I couldn't go without taking a pic of Dan's sweet new SA.com team issue Teschner. Still awaiting 2007 XTR wheels, Dan tells us it hovers between the high 8 and low 9 kg's depending on a few spec changes.

Sunday was another instalment of what appears to be becoming a habit. The post work Lysterfield ride. Unfortunately the sprinkle of rain was just that a sprinkle, the trails were dusty again, the endless grip was gone but still managed to push the legs around. MTB newbie Chris is coming along in leaps and bounds which is good to see. Below he is pictured coming up to a new Lysterfield attraction...Drop Bears!! Appearing to be courtesy of a recent orienteering event.

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