Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Solid Week

Right now the legs are pretty heavy. Uni's in full swing and tomorrow we have a hydrotherapy prac which just happens to coincide with my day off the bike, perfect for a bit of recovery. But why are the legs heavy?

Last Saturday I'd woken up at 5am to get in a bit of hell riding, rain had me rolling over and back to sleep though. So after posting later that day I decided a ride was required. Leaving home at 5.30pm I managed 3 hours in the Dandenongs, almost 2000m high of climbing. Devil's Elbow with a One Tree Hill continuation, The Wall with a continuation up to Skyhigh Lookout, thought I'd snap a piccie to keep the blog pretty while I munched down a banana - thank goodness they're nearing a respectable price - pure Gold.
Skyhigh Lookout at 7.45pm on Saturday

21st Saturday night so no early ride on Sunday, and work in the afternoon meant no riding then either. A full first day back at uni kept me off the bike aswell and I wasn't happy - so I decided Tuesday would be a ride to uni day, a good plan considering I only started at 11am.

Leaving home at 8am I headed to the Dandenongs, an SE up the 1in20 which also happened to be as fast I can remember going up the 1in20 in my life!! Across to Belgrave and then down down down to Narre Warren, Cranbourne and finally Frankston. An 80km commute is pretty good I reckon. Then came the end of the day, straight home was the plan - 10km along the beach was pretty cruisy but that all changed at my turnoff.
I turn right at those flags and have another 30km to go to home, check out the wind, not cool. Anyway, I made it - turned into a rather big day really - haven't done 120km including a couple of decent climbs in a while.

It's fair to say the legs were pretty heavy on Wednesday, but Wednesday is fatties ride day and you can't say no to some fat tyre action. Thanks to the late finish at uni I missed the start and had to play catch up, I eventually caught them thanks to Jack's flat holding them up. Could barely push a gear though and just managed to hold on all night - thanks to Jack, Brian and Tim for flatting - fair to say the stops were much appreciated. Just to note: I did remember lights this week, but didn't have time to put them on, fingers crossed next week works out.

I decided to really make a good week out of it today and did the commute to uni again. No Dandenongs this morning though - just straight there and straight back - 80km - check out the flags for the return trip today, that's what we like to see! Much appreciated. Average speed about 4km/h higher than Tuesday's return trip.

So there we have it, I think the legs have the right to be pretty heavy right now and can't wait to hydrotherapy tomorrow for some magical water recovery, oh so good. 3 weeks to the 'Big Hill Events' Marathon out Whittlesea way - 90kms - looking forward to seeing if this training thing makes me go faster.

Finally, I just can't help myself - with no MTB purchases required at the moment I've decided to throw some cash at the roadie, first purchase was today - some FSA Carbon Pro Elite Compact cranks coming in at 526 grams. Target is to have the roadie below 7.4kg with the Polars S725x and speed/cadence sensors, bottle cages and clincher wheels. Pretty happy if I reach that with the 1.5kg frame. Stay tuned, will have pics once it's done.

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