Monday, March 12, 2007

We Have a Pommie

Well it appears that the red light jinx is one Ash Thomas as my riding since Saturday the third has had a lovely green theme to it. Two roadie rides last week, well actually four, but they were in two days so we'll call it two. The commute to and from uni on Tuesdays and Thursdays has been getting quicker and quicker thanks to my luck with the lights and the legs feeling good didn't hurt. The return trip on Thursday was similar to the car at around the hour and ten minute mark which just happened to be an average of just on 35 clicks an hour, when you're riding past stand still traffic for twenty minutes you know you're on the right form of transport.

To accompany those two road rides there were two outings on the mtb aswell. The weekly Fatties ride is still in full swing and soon to experience a name change to Flatties ride, it's dry out there with some rather sharp rocks protruding all over the place. Another couple this week brought the flat total to five in two weeks. But it's getting dark, which means it's getting cooler, which means some rain is coming doesn't it? Let's hope so, not just so those rocks get swallowed in some mud, but because if it stays this dusty it's going to be hell for two hours with the HID's illuminating it every Wednesday, anyone thinking Scott 24hr flashbacks every week? I finished off last week with about twenty minutes of Vicious Power goodness showing the way, yeah, it was bright but a bright dust cloud is just as bad as a dark dust cloud, couldn't see a thing.

The other mtb outing for the week was following the hell ride misadventure, I headed out to Lysterfield on Sunday evening with the shop boys, got a new bike owner out with us so was a bit slow, but better than nothing. The theme is continuing though, rain please! There really is nothing that drought doesn't affect is there. Sucking down dust is getting all to common in the mtb world. Just to illustrate how dry it's getting, we came around a corner to find this poor guy.

Anyway, that was it for my riding last week - no ride Saturday as I spent it with big sis who jetted back home to England that night, or was she home and is now going away again, I'm not sure anymore but still think she's one of us, she does like soccer though which is a bit scary. Anyway we did the Soul Mama's for lunch thing, the 7apples Gelati thing and the general Port Melbourne/St. Kilda beach stuff. Once again I have to recommend Soul Mama's, a good feed.

Now to bed for the Tuesday commute to Uni via the Dandenongs, 120 clicks with some hills, a solid warm-up for b'ball at night indeed.

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