Sunday, April 08, 2007


A day off today, well almost. I spun around on the unicycle a bit at Lysterfield playing the sightseeing role out at Chase The Sun #1, and did two and a half hours of walking around the course with the camera (yes, I'll post some pics up soon - I got 90odd and aint posting them all so some sorting is in order). With $1000 on the line for the overall winner some sizeable numbers would be required in order to win and those numbers where put forward by the ever flying Felt Racing team of Ash Thomas and Jason Jackson. It was only an eight hour, but in completing five laps in under five hours it appears Ash has practically mirrored the numbers of the Otway Odyssey with Jason not far behind. I bet they weren't expecting that. Eva and his new toy mapped the course (here) and at 20km a lap with close to 500m ascent 5 laps is a big day in the saddle at race pace.

But just when you thought eight hours was hard - the 24hour Solo National Champs was on this weekend with a couple of Wednesday night Fatties riders coming out first and second with Andrew Bell taking the win 25 minutes clear of John Claxton. Solid! On ya boys.

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