Friday, April 06, 2007

Same Old Same Old

Got a couple more spins on the knobbies this week.

Wednesday night was the first full black ride of '07 for me and it's fair to say the night skills are lacking. At one stage I had about 4 semi-offs in about a hundred metres. The fatties bunch that night started out a sizeable one but the black must have been getting to people and many were peeling off early. It came down to only six after two hours, JD took line honours.

With news that the Eva Epic at Buller was cancelled due to lack of accommodation availability I ventured out to DirtCrits last night for the first time in what appears to be a while considering it was round 9, and I hadn't previously raced a round of that series. 50 riders came out, with 15 of those on the start line in A grade for five laps. After doing the TT thing from home to get there the legs are never in good condition but I managed to get a decent start. The Felt boys of Ash and Jack were straight off the front and looking good for Chase The Sun this weekend, and with Thylacine's Erin Francis in tow the placings were gone. I settled into a bunch that hovered between five and nine riders for a couple of laps, finding myself on the front nearing the end of the second, I then proceeded to clip the bars in some tight trees at the start of the third and had to watch as they all went past. From then on it was head down, bum up and chase. Caught all but two before the lap traffic started wreaking havoc on my progress and I had to settle for sixth, unable to bridge up to Duncan and Stuart. Results here.

Once again it is confirmed that they are too much hurt and I was close to losing my muesli (the afternoon snack pre-ride) for a good half hour with the stomach churning. The Polar tells me it was an average of 92% maxHR for 50 minutes, a recipe for pain.

May still get out for some decent S.H.I.T.S preparation with a planned ride to Ada Tree tomorrow, a good 6-8 hours on the knobbies.

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was that you in the van today??