Monday, April 09, 2007

CTS#1 Piccies

The locals are always friendly.

The hardman story of the day. Solo on a fixie, complete with a trip to hospital for 12 stitches mid race. We're told it wasn't painful until halfway through the last lap when the anaesthetic wore off!

Chris Allen made a return to racing.

Al Douglas has entered the 21st century and is now on disc brakes - and still happy to perform for the crowd.

Young Apollo rider James Mowatt was flying, and managed 2nd overall.

All reports praise the course, and it certainly was railing.

But still littered with obstacles it wasn't a smooth ride.

Brett of Thylacine Cycles makes climbing look easy on the way to 3rd overall.

The mind couldn't take a break with log rollovers like this.

Sections of the Commonwealth Games Course were used meaning plenty of rocky uphill switchbacks to catch you out.

Chewing the stem on the main climb, more rocks to slip up on.

Jo pumping out the laps, Giant won their category like normal.

The bermed descent was a bit of fun.

Ash got 100km in on the day, but still had the legs to play up for the camera.

The pressure was off for Jack, without a partner he just did laps at his own will to get some points.

All smiles for Felt Racing with first place secured along with the $1000 for it.

Definitely duallie territory.

So I'm not the worlds greatest photographer but I think I managed to get some good ones. See them all here. Results are up here. If you want any of the photos in full res (2304x1728) leave the photo number and an email address in the comments.


Ash Thomas said...

link not working to all photos.

I love how there is photos from all over the course, thats a damm long walk!

Grover said...

link should be fixed now...and yes, it was a long walk. i really should have thought that one through before i embarked on it.