Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Smokey Donuts

So the power at Clayton campus died a couple of days ago and I was lucky enough to have classes scheduled today in one of the two buildings still without power. What does that mean? Home at two instead of six and the perfect opportunity to get on the roadie before dark.

Went straight from home to Monstrose, feeling rubbish the whole way. It appears it's going to take take more than four days to recover from Beechworth's effort. Anyway, from Monstrose it was all up, along the tourist road, to Sky High. In the area of 400-500m ascent in 30-40 minutes and usually nice fresh air and a good view but not today.

You can usually see the bay from here but I was lucky enough to pick the day that some controlled burning was being conducted. Fair to say I got out of there ASAP with eyes stinging and throat burning, wonderful. What goes up must go down and I was quickly back in Mt Dandenong Central where a bakery that rates pretty high on the list is situated - the sensibly named Mt Dandenong Patisserie.

Something to take away the burning in my throat not to mention put some kick in the legs. A buck ten and look at the size of it. You wouldn't get that much jam by itself at Safeway for a buck ten. Then it was back on the road, a couple more ups, the back roads to Belgrave, down into Ferntree Gully and home just before dark. Never did start feeling smooth on the bike, but I wasn't working to hard and the speed was still up near normal so I can't complain.

Oh, and Ash sent me some piccies he took on Saturday.

I don't think I even got a hello before the first photo was taken. People seemed to find it funny I was carrying around a giant pot of pasta. Hey, you gotta eat something.

Nice and clean the first time through the start/finish complex and some nice big berms, only eleven more times to go.

Why was the pasta pot so giant? It was the feed post race as well as pre race. Supposedly it was funny that I took it up for presentation, either that or they were laughing at the microphone breaking on me three times mid speech.

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