Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Ada Tree

With a few cancellations Saturday turned into a three man show with only Eva, Winny and Myself loading up the SRAMvan for the adventure out to Ada Tree from Warburton. We ran into Ash out doing some race prep aka camping and tried our best to convince him to come along but he wasn't having a bar of it (a smart move in hindsight after what was required of him today). Rob's new toy was on board in all its GPS glory (I need to get one) and even told us straight off that the ride started at Big Pat's Creek, I wouldn't have known that if I didn't read the street sign so how the hell did it know, amazing.

Anyway, we started out and immediately acquired a fourth riding partner in Yukon (so the tag said), a very fit and very smelly dog. It was straight into the good stuff, and although it was climbing, the trail was good fun, the decomposing undergrowth of bark and ferns that doesn't look too quick but tends to provide endless grip. Of course it didn't hurt that I'd mounted the Schwalbe Nobby Nic's for the day. One thing that those unkept trails tend to bring is carnage to the bikes, and while we got through flat free, we nearly lost a derailleur ten minutes in. Winny managed to spear the X.0 goodness bolted to the back of his bike with a log about three centimetres in diameter. Thinking the ride was over, we did some bending, got rid of the broken bits and it was good to go, shifting well all day. Not only do they work better in mud, but they also work when broken!

Yukon has a break...

...and a bath.

An hour in we hit the fire road and palmed Yukon off to some 4WDers to take back to Warby. A few k's of open climbing BHE marathon style and we hit the wonderful world of Ada Tree single track where you just can't go fast enough.

Winny tearing up the Ada Tree trails just like he'll destroy those NORBA's in three weeks.

Taking in the sights at the Ada Tree - the thing is like three times the size of the Tower of Pisa.


Then it was the homeward run, an unreal descent that was nice and loose thanks to those guys with motors but was just plain old sticky anyway. You wouldn't be able to stop if you wanted to but you still never feel out of control. Some more untamed forest trail where the wheels were bouncing all over the place, debris was flying everywhere, ferns were ripping your arms and slapping your face, and yet you still don't have any gears left to go faster nor can you wipe the grin off your face. That continued for an age before popping out onto a fire road two hundred metres from the SRAMvan. This GPS stuff is good when you can do that. No where near the 6-8 hours I'd been expecting after Ash tried to scare me on Thursday night but still an awesome day out. Check out the details here.

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Ash Thomas said...

now that sounds like a good adventure! Those gps things sound like something I need.. Put it on the list... Good work with the updates, at least someone in victoria can maintain a blog....!!