Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Highly recommended. Yesterday 24 solo came in the post all the way from Winny's current digs, the good ol' US of A. Yesterday was also my final written exam, and today my final practical exam, so I was good and put off watching it for 24 hours and saved it as the first part of my celebration. Definitely worth the wait.

'In the dog eh...it's in the dog.'

Well something like that at least, Gordo likes his big ring. First 17-18 hours in the 'dog' or something stupid like that. 30,000ft of climbing, 280miles. Great camera work and an Aussie that goes over to take it up to Eatough makes a great story. Even better when Gordo gets up.

Further continuing the Aussie spirit, there's a skinny wheeled rider called Robbie riding around Italy managing to beat the Italian Jet and his train in the first showdown. How good!

One thing I'm not happy about is the doctor I had to deal with recently - could well be the same bloke Ash is seeing as he wasn't much help. Pretty much went in, explained, well somehow got the message across with keywords and pointing (don't doctors need to pass English?), to him what was wrong, was told it was nothing, then proceeded to explain to him the little that I knew about medicine which ended up in me self diagnosing which ended up in me getting...antibiotics! What a shock. He also managed to tell me to take Nurofen for pain. I bit my tongue at that point and left. Nurofen - anti-inflammatory with some paracetamol content. Panadol (or a million others) - paracetamol based. John's problem - no inflammatory response - Nurofen doesn't work.

So I'm nearly healed and am itching to be back on the bike. Ordered myself one of those fancy new Garmin GPS thingies last week, the Edge 305, so hopefully that comes before I take off to Sale and I can go exploring without getting lost.

Anyone doing the Tour of Bairnsdale on the tarmac tweaker? Seeing as I'm down there I might just give it a crack. Worth it?


Ash Thomas said...

oooh, I thinks I getting me one of those fancy pants GPS things also!! Looks like lots of adventures to come!!

Head still attempting separation- mebbe I need a new doctor like you! Or I could just google it...

And Solo24 - good?! Can't wait to see it!

Ash Thomas said...

how was the compression opening last night??

Grover said...

not to shabby actually - nice little bar - easily spotted thanks to the abundance of bikes out the front.

it was dh/mtnx so not exactly my thing but still entertaining of course. lots of good crash footage to cringe at. the crowd that was there and 'in the know' approved and i'd watch it again.

no wonder the aussie boys are always up there overseas, there's a fair bit of competition for them to develop through back home.