Sunday, May 06, 2007

4 Seasons?

Friday saw end of the semester at Uni and with it the end of assignments. That meant that between church and reffing yesterday I could ride instead of write. A quick dash up the 1in20 and back. Melbourne was in fine form, starting out in the cold, cooking in the belting sun half way out there, climbing comfortably in overcast skies, on the brakes all the way down in the pouring rain, comfortable under overcast skies for half the trip home and then cooking in beating sun again. Who knows what season it is?

Anyway, with only that one hour single speed burst in the last two and a half weeks it took a while for the legs to remember how to go round. Once out at the 1in20 I didn't hit it too hard, I wasn't expecting any records. Going up it felt like I was crawling, and suffering, with the heart rate at and over threshold in no time. Had a mini 'blow' at about 2km to go but came good and hitting the line the clock stopped at 17, which was much better than the 19 or 20 it was feeling like. Diet must make a difference, well at least that's what I'll put it down to. No chocolate, lollies, cake, biscuits, soft drink etc. for the last three weeks (OK, two pieces of carrot cake on my birthday but that's acceptable). I think I'll stick with that, the body feels like it's running on premium not that normal unleaded, nice and clean.

Back to riding, the heavens opened at the top so it was vest and arm warmers on for the trip down. SSing in the rain last week I didn't seem to be too lacking in the wet skills department, but descending in the rain on the roadie, no idea anymore. Just plain old scary. Still managed to beat the cars down though so that's alright. Home nice and quick for the 4 hours of boredom that is basketball reffing.