Monday, May 07, 2007

A New Perspective

Unfortunately someone had the insight to remove my shoes from the heater on Saturday night so Sunday's road ride plans died with me being soft and not wanting to wear wet shoes. I had to ride though so a last moment idea before work saw me throw some gear in a bag and grab the single speed for a planned after work solo night session at Lysterfield.

About 10 to 6 I kitted up and took of with the Vicious ARC blazing. I couldn't have planned it better with the Ipod shuffle dishing out Cosmic Gate's Exploration of Space first up as I belted down trails I'd ridden hundreds of times but were somehow different.

Rubbish Phone Pic #1 - makes the CWG start/finish area look like a good trail at night.

There's just that extra bit of guess work at night, not getting a sneak peek around corners due to shadows that make it that little bit more challenging. No matter how many times I'd ridden these trails there's little thing that were forgotten that test the reflexes.

The rock face - maybe our Police friend should have done it at night, she wouldn't have aimed for the tree if she couldn't see it.

Not only the dark was testing the reflexes but the locals as well. It seems that the 'roos get a bit more bold at night. A number of times I nearly t-boned one, the closest of which was coming down the 'riding on ice' descent at the end of the comm games course. Apparently their trails run at 90 degrees to ours forming a crossroads and he decided to play chicken with me.

When the sun goes down the 'roos come out, and they certainly aren't shy.

I finished up about quarter past seven, not a long ride, but single speed and the slightly more stop/start nature of the dark meant the legs had had plenty of work.

Pretty damn good possy for some fireworks watching eh.

Pity there weren't any fireworks as that may have kept the couple in the car occupied and in clothes, I'm sure they got a decent shock when the HID's lit up the carpark when I arrived back. Mood spoiled? Tick!

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