Friday, May 18, 2007

Sweat Sessions

So the last two days I've absolutely cooked - it seems I'm not used to the cold/wet weather and tend to overdress.

Thursday night means dirt crits, and seeing as Ash wanted to borrow 24solo to watch I figured I'd go in, have a race and give it to him. Expecting lashings of mud it was single speed complete with knobby tyres. The start went, the fairly sizable A grade field took off, those knobs gave a decent first corner and I came out in a fairly strong position wedged in 5th between a couple of Felt boys. Burn up the climb, start turning the screws along the ridge, and then I had no more screws to turn. It seems that the 33:16 ratio is not that great for dirt crits as I spun myself stupid while most of the field rode past.

Spinning in no mans land for the next 50 minutes, I certainly wasn't quick, but it was still good training. Polar tells me the HR averaged a cool 177, even managing to hit 193 up the last climb of the last lap, no wonder I wanted to donate my dinner to the shrubbery when I finished. Results should be here soon, think I may have even cracked 10minutes for the last lap which I'll be pretty happy with considering the gear.

Then riding home was two jerseys, vest, and warmers on the ears, arms and legs along with thermal glove liners. Cooking.

Which brings us to today, 4 o'clock came and I decided a ride was in order. A bit of drizzle outside saw me layer up the same as the previous night plus the addition of booties and full on thermal gloves for the roadie. Called in to visit Steiny at Camberwell and he convinced me I needed a fancy new white PRO rain shell. Hey it looked cool, so I bought one, and wore it out only to discover it was no longer raining. But when you've got something new you've gotta use it, so it stayed on through Richmond where I checked to see if the next bike I'm going to buy was in stock yet, over to Fitzroy to visit Erin and home again. I definitely wasn't cold. A good hurt session pumping the legs for an hour and a half that wasn't too boring thanks to the idiot drivers I had to negotiate keeping the mind stimulated - there are some serious problems with our driver testing procedures.

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