Saturday, May 26, 2007

A week away, I know nothing

And my week away is done. I didn't see the news, I didn't use the internet, I know nothing and it's so good. The last week was spent surfing, riding and generally lazing about with mates, a repeat at the shack in Lorne.

Sunny nearly all week but still pretty darn cold I must say, and blowing a gale. I was well rugged up on the roadie. The highlight of the week was surprisingly not spent on the bike, but in the water. Yeah it was cold, but squeeze into a 4/3 wettie and you'll always be able to tough it out. Especially when you're paddling out, only people in the water are you and your mates, it's clean as a whistle and a very fun 3 foot, a light drizzle with the sun beating at the same time on your back, and the most vivid rainbow you've ever seen about 30 metres away. For anyone that knows Lorne, it started in the main carpark and finished at the pier. I even got barreled that day, barely but I was in.

Now to the riding, I got a couple of rides in. The 92km to Apollo Bay one day and then a lazy 58km to Anglesea. Sun was out, wind was blowing, and it was indeed still chilly.

Rugged Up

But awesome views to keep you entertained

Fun roads

Time to burn

Nearly there, coming into Apollo Bay

Anyone remember that road?

I had planned on coming home on Thursday, which I did. Unfortunately it wasn't to stay. Bails had left his keys in Sev's car who had come home on Wednesday. So Thursday was a long day in the car. Driving home with Juanita and Jess (Jerry for anyone that remembers code names), getting Bails' keys and heading back down to Ocean Grove for a night at Jess' house (code name Jeff).

The next day Bails and I shot around to the Barwon River to what was a pretty damn good kite-surfing spot I was told. So Bails got out on the water and I shot some piccies. He's come on in leaps and bounds since the last time I saw him, which was his first day on the water.

Belting along

Even gets some airtime now - I'm told this is a 'dead man'

I left him after about 20 minutes to take a trip into Hendry Cycles at Ocean Grove. Friendly guys who just happen to be the Australian source for King Cage. So I'm now the proud owner of a King Titanium Bottle Cage.

Bike jewellery!
US made titanium quality coming in smack on the claimed 28 grams.

I don't know exactly how much it cost and don't really care, it's cool. Oh, and I got a couple of stainless steel ones for the single speed.

One week to go before I disappear to the country. Make sure you all keep those blogs updated, they'll be the only thing keeping me sane for the next 15 weeks.

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