Saturday, June 23, 2007


Yes, today I started a ride in daylight...

...but it was slipping.

I could see some mountains...

...but then it was back to chasing that white glow and nothing more.

I can't say I'll miss road training in the dark, real dark without even a street light. Doesn't quite have the wow factor that night on the nobbies have. Daylight was a special treat however today's total ascent was 20m, a real treat would be some mountains. Tomorrow I search.

I shouldn't complain though, people have it a lot worse. Like Dan, who thought his bad karma for the year had run out when he was hit by a car a couple of months ago, only to fall off a cliff this week and break his foot and arm. Or like those people that are on your patient list one day, and then the next they're gone. You still check the big book of where patients go, but you already knew.

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