Thursday, June 07, 2007


So Scotty thinks the last post was disgusting, well Scotty, remember when you used to blow bubbles in your milkshake? Pretty simple but something very similar to that is termed 'bubble PEP' in the healthcare world and is quite effective when it comes to sputum.

First time using it on someone that actually needs it and it worked a treat. They always think it's a waste of time right up until they finish a set and that 'moist' cough turns into them finally getting rid of that thick, sticky sputum that has been sitting on their chest, not moving, stopping them breathing. PS. i'm quickly discovering sputum is a colourful thing, blue is the only rarity.

Moist and Sputum usually rate fairly high on the disgusto meter, am I right?

Anyway, to the important topics - riding. Today was the fast day for The Morning Crew. Same size bunch as yesterday, but only a couple of repeat offenders, the rest being those that are obviously the Sale big guns. We trundled out of town in a much more comfortable 9 degrees, the pace gradually working it's way up to what would have been the mid 40's along the unlit country back roads. They're a cautious bunch however so any deviation to a straight line had them all coasting and losing the wheel, with it taking a while to get back together and work up the pace again. Unfortunately I wasn't much better with only an LED flasher to light my way I couldn't see a thing with no street lights. My re-acquaintance with my Vicious Power is in the pipelines though and I'll have them for next week.

We meandered around the top of Sale, down the West side across the highway, past the Jail, a few more winding roads, we were nearly home, my legs were itchy and I was on the front pushing the pace. No one seemed to want to come through and then lots of downshifts and a mad scurry. It appears the twin 80 signs just before getting back to the highway is the sprint and I'd just buried myself leading everyone out. I guess mentioning it to me slipped their mind. Tuesday they do it all again though, and now I know.

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Scott Liston said...

Thanks for clearing that one up for me John!