Sunday, June 17, 2007

Home for some R+R

Yep, some roots + rocks, and a decent side dish of mud. Being the year of the 21st I was home this weekend for parties both Friday and Saturday. An added bonus, some time on the knobbies.

The best rides are always the ones that just happen, Saturday was one of those days. Not really sure of how long I was going to ride for, nor where I was going I rolled out on the trusty single speed. Spinning myself crazy along the road, I headed towards Ivanhoe.

That first bit of singletrack for 2 weeks, it's nothing special, but felt like the greatest trail on earth after being roadie only in Sale. Is there any better feeling than having both wheels squirming around in a muddy corner, drifting outwards but still feeling controlled.

With the smoothness of Armin van Buuren's 10 Years along for the ride on the iPod, it was like a virtual reality experience with a killer soundtrack. I'd come to a Y in the trail - option A was loop around to home, option B was get further from home - and someone just kept pressing B.

In the end I arrived home on the longer side of 3 hours, which is a damn fine sesh for single-speed, by yourself, riding just Yarra Trails. I felt as fresh as I'd left, if anything I was more rejuvenated, especially considering the lack of sleep the night before - who knows what time in the AM I'd arrived home. How good's MTBing? No wonder there's more people on the trails every time you ride.

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Some Guy said...

Gotta love them Yarra Trails. Flat as a pancake (not to mention muddy in winter) but good fun just the same.