Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm Alive!

This is our house, living the Simple Life. No electricity means, no internet, no tv, no microwave, no LIGHT! Luckily we had gas heating, gas hot water and a gas stove. Even better, I had about 2kg of left over Spag Bol from the night before. My night basically consisted of polishing that off and going to bed. Oh, we had a few candles as well if you hadn't figured that out.

Why you ask? Because it appears the drought is trying to break. Lots of rain, lots of wind, lots of trees down. Basically lots of carnage meaning no electricity. Anyway, it seems to have cleared for the moment so I figured why not make use of that wind and go smash myself on the bike into it. As a bonus, I had something to look at.

Five minutes around the corner the carnage is apparent. Lots of water.

Another angle from the same point, the main road South out of Sale.

The caravan park didn't have much camping room left.

And these rooms at the Motel suddenly had a water frontage.

Two minutes the other direction from home, not much paddock left for the livestock.

And this fancy new mansion nearly went in the drink.

Lastly, I thought I'd show the lovely roads you get to train on around here, shielded from the elements by all the trees. Hey, I can dream, bring on the 'nongs.


Some Guy said...

Holy shit that's a lot of water.

Ash Thomas said...

(having dramas with the last 4 pics...)

Thats awesome!! We used to go to Lake Glenmaggie every year to go wakeboarding. 3 Weeks ago it was at 13%, 2 days ago it was overflowing - thats a whole lot of water batman!

Seal up those bearings buddy boy and ride on through!

Grover said...

piccies fixed.

yup, lots of water - riding yesterday it seems it's come up another half a metre. that paddock with the livestock in it has water halfway up the fence now - don't worry the livestock got out.

no chance i'm riding on through. isis is light and spins well, but spit on it and it'd probably start creaking. if only i had my new toy already. hint - Si cranks, 7.2kg, no carbon.