Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Morning Crew

And so I'm 3 days in. The drive was uneventful, and work each day has been full, not exhausting but full. Plenty of experience is being had, finally hearing something other than normal breath sounds through the stethoscope. Quite a shock when you listen to someones lungs and hear gurgling, no wonder there's a tube sticking out of their rib cage draining fluid. Haven't even been thrown-up on yet, don't worry, my desk is wood and I didn't let go while writing that.

The digs are definitely acceptable. Who would have thought hospital/student housing would have a queen bed, a wardrobe big enough to stash everything including the bike, internet in every room, two tv's and even a dishwasher and washing machine. It will definitely help to make my rural life as comfortable as possible.

Now to the most important part - two bike shops in town, both of which are very helpful and today was the first day on the roadie thanks to being put in touch with The Morning Crew. Starting work at 8 this bunch is just about perfect, meeting 5 minutes from home to get in an hours ride means I'm home by 10 past 7, showered, dressed, fed and at work by 8.

Today was the slow day, a leisurely 32km/h ride, just enough to keep the legs warm during what was an average of 1 degree, yep 1! Same can't be said for the rest of the body. Tomorrow there'll be thermal liners under the thermal gloves, extra socks under the booties and both the thermal headband and skullcap. Might even add an extra layer to my thermals, jersey and jacket. Didn't even go sub0 today though, so there is colder around I know. There is one plus however, you don't need a drink bottle, just drink the frost that collects on your top lip. Now we just need some hills around to make use of the lower weight.

Fast day tomorrow, 38-39 clicks I'm told. Unfortunately I've already been singled out to put some pressure on up front on fast days so I'd better get the Vicious Power HID's sent down quick smart so I can actually see where I'm going. Quite dark in the country at 6am with no street lights, the LED flashers ain't gonna cut it.

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Scott Liston said...

Man the first part of that Post was discusting. What ever floats your boat tho, good reading I suppose.

I thought it was cold here, I feel like a bit of a P*sy crying about 10 - 14 degree days here.

Keep letting us know how things are going.