Monday, June 11, 2007

No one complained?

So I'm sitting in lively Sale with both housemates home for the weekend and notice one of them has left an Alpha magazine on the table, May 2007 for those playing at home. I'm not one for magazines, hell, I haven't purchased even a MTB mag for a few years. But desperate times call for desperate measures and it didn't disappoint with golden journalism like this on page 88. A special on the growth of MTBing starts with;

'This year's National Mountain Bike Championships in Canberra were held in a grey-brown haze of powdery grit that mountain bike officialdom described as "unrelenting". Yet no one complained.'

No one complained? Which officialdom was that? I'm thinking the one that ends with 'PIS'. Ah well, it's getting MTBing into the mainstream and painted a rosy picture, so it ain't all bad.

Now to my first weekend away which just happens to be a long one. Lucky for me Warragul plays host to SYG over the Queen's Birthday Weekend. I hadn't been for 5 or 6 years so it was good to be back. Managed to meet up with a couple of friends from uni through which I managed to score dinner (oh so full) and a campsite.

I got roped into playing basketball and ended with a win-draw-loss of 2-1-1, the loss being a one pointer, which kept us out of the finals. I also managed to be quite sore the next day. Luckily I wasn't racing the MTB as not only was I not registered, but I didn't bring a bike. Well that's what I presumed.

5 to 8, I roll out of bed and stumble down to the Start/Finish line with the camera to take some piccies of the young Peacock called James no doubt winning the juniors. Start time is 8, I get down there and the older world champion Peacock called Craig puts a bike in my hands and says here, race. From then I sprinted back up the hill, changed out of jeans and four long sleeved layers (anyone heard that Warragul is cold?) into the first thing I grabbed that was suitable. Sprinted back down the hill to see them already at the top of the first climb. Not that bad? Well this race was 3 laps of a 3km course (mmm, dirt crits), so that meant I was already a third of a lap down.

I chased, on SPD pedals in runners, in t-shirt and shorts, with a helmet that was too small and a bike to match, another 5cm of seat post extension wouldn't have gone astray. Anyway, I ended up second in Open, coming somewhere in the area of 300m short. On the plus side I got to ride one of those fancy new Scott Sparks pictured a few posts back, not too shabby, wouldn't swap the Anthem for it, but pretty impressive none the less. Oh yeah, young James smashed the juniors.

The Morning Crew has a fast day tomorrow, and thanks to Juanita making the trip to SYG as well I've been reacquainted with my Vicious Power, sprint here I come. With most of them probably coming off the 3-day tour I figure tomorrow is as good a chance as any.

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