Monday, July 16, 2007

6 hours of Castlemaine

Well that was the race, but there was so much more. Short track trivial pursuit, a 24solo screening, Tour highlights and a Tour live stage, dinner and the hotly contested 16" 4x.

Jack wasn't going too well.

Jack got good.

Practice got serious.

And it continued into the night.

Smooth...and on the back wheel out of the corner!

Ash suffered a little without brakes.

Finals finished well into the night with Al Farley pipping Jack for the cash and showing retirement hasn't hurt the skills.

An expression session never quite eventuated but there was 16" style in abundance.

The Tour was on the big screen until 1.30am, and then the mercury was somewhere in the negatives so sleep barely happened and before we knew it the sun was up and it was race time.

Jimmy dropped his chain on the start loop - single speed tensioners suck, gotta find that magic gear - but smashed the rest of the lap to catch me a bit short of being ready. I took off in anger only to get that white latex spray from the rear tyre 7 minutes in. A tube was thrown in, gassed up and that was it for hiccups for the day. A brilliant track, that was getting faster and faster as the slightly slick surface turned to extremely sticky.

It's me! For race pictures head to OnTrackImages
and of course Castlemaine's resident pro - Evan Jeffry

We were able to push the single speeds around all day staying surprisingly consistent with lap times and working back to 4th in the highly competitive male pairs category, which left us in 8th overall of 150 teams and we'll also claim the unofficial 1st for single speed teams.

Yep, Castlemaine turned it on again. It was widely proclaimed as the best of the series last year, and it didn't disappoint this year. Even managed sunny, fresh weather in this wet period.

A final note; Peter Jackson, father of Adrian Jackson passed away after a long battle with illness last week. The funeral was a testament to the popularity and success of the man with the crowd outnumbering seats 3 to 1. To the Jackson family, we're extremely sorry for your loss. AJ, we're here for you.


Scott Liston said...

Awsome Post Grover

Scott Liston said...

Yeah. I got the gold.

Good old Team Jah, Team Felt wouldn't have a chance if we were still together mixing it up in the 3 man team category. ;)

Ash Thomas said...

how's about that tooth of yours grover... ;)