Sunday, July 08, 2007

Aah, The Pain

My stint in rural Victoria was done and I'd escaped from severely soggy Sale safely (say that 10 times fast). I'd made sense of the mess that was my life packed into the back of the car and so it was time to hit the hills.

Old faithful, the 1in20. From home I started out in the sun and the base of the 'nongs was pretty similar. But it quickly turned to this.

It appears there's still a fair bit of precipitation hanging around and very welcome seeing as the hills hurt so good, straight into E4. Managed an average above 30 which was nice for a hills ride. Next stop, some time on the knobbies in all this wonderful mud.

PS. Cadel's in good shape after the prologue, once the bickering within Astana explodes and Kloden and Vino destroy each other he's the top GC rider. Aussies in Green and Gold at Lotto.

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