Monday, July 02, 2007

And Still It Comes /2

The blogging, not the water. Three posts in Four days, don't get used to it.

The last 4+ weeks have been spent on my Cardio rounds - so there's been a majority of two crowds; those that have been under the knife and those that belong in the chatty elderly population. Lots of good stories to be heard...if you've got three hours to spare...for each person.

It's been great, but not exactly my area of interest so I was quite happy to get a chance to fiddle with the Cybex machine today. One of the few ways one can train with isokinetic movements. With a bunch of us in attendance the decision was soon made that my right thigh would be tested - 'he's a cyclist, he'll be good' - little did they know how much I'd been slacking, and with more than a hunjie clicks in the legs I wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea.

Alas, I didn't disapoint, and somewhat shocked myself.
Quads power off the scale.
Wavering in hamstring curve = me being slack with core stability
Dip in first quads curve = my dodgy knee from basketball still giving me grief.
But we'll not dwell on that.

Quads endurance ~30% better than normal.
Hamstring endurance took a dive but recovered quickly.

Well at least that's how I read them being the first time I've used one. If you think I'm wrong let me know, it's how we learn. Oh, if anyone's wondering what's so good about isokinetic training - google it - but in short. You can train to your maximum throughout your range of movement instead of just the maximum of your weakest position in range, and there's no muscle soreness as there's no eccentric contractions.

So I am spoiling you all with updates, but there's a distinct lack of racing content. So I suggest you go here, here and here to get your fill.

PS. anyone skype? I haven't been on the program long, and I hadn't really thought of using it to prank people. But today I got my first prank call, some random from Sri Lanka started talking to me. I guess it's free so if you're bored...Anyone else been pranked on Skype?

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