Sunday, July 01, 2007

And Still It Comes

I thought we'd seen the peak of the floods, and with afternoon showers predicted I thought I'd get out before them. A nice big loop continually lined with fences resembling clothes lines due to the weeds that had been strung along them, and that was it for effects of the flood - oh, apart from the cracked bridge that I had to negotiate (detour didn't look too interesting).

But then three hours in and feeling fine, I'm halfway around the RAAF loop only to encounter this.

On Friday I'd done this loop and could see all of the fences either side, not to mention the road didn't have a drop of water on it. It appears water is still coming. So a quick about turn - yes, Ash I did adventure as far as possible in but there was no way I was getting to the other side - and it was time to retrace the steps. Still has to rise 10m to do any damage to my joint though so I'm pretty safe.

Oh, I think I need this.

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