Friday, July 13, 2007

It's Roadie Season.

So they tour's here, Cadel is playing it safe and staying out of danger, and for anyone who saw stage 5 you'd have to agree that things are heating up. Especially when you get to build this hot piece of kit while you're watching it.

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My much rumored new toy, a special edition Team Saeco Cannondale complete with special edition Hollowgran Si cranks and one of those brilliant new SRAM road groups coming in at 7.2kg as pictured. Still awaiting some bits and pieces to reach its final spec/weight but it's complete for the time being and ready to shine for the Police Choppers on its maiden Hell Ride tomorrow (weather permitting). I'd better be good, no more hiding amongst the swarm of dull carbon bikes on this.

Just to remind me of my roots amongst all this roadie talk Jimmy and I signed up for the Castlemaine 6hr at Jubberland on Sunday. It'll be a single speed pair flying under the title of 'Twin Unicas Velocidades' if anyone's keeping track. Stay tuned for the stories of pain as I suffer to concoct some resemblance of fitness in trying to get somewhere near Jimmy's lap times. Can't go letting him have too big a break between laps.

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