Thursday, July 19, 2007

You can still ride if it's wet!

Fatties ride last night - five people! You're all soft.

The mud bikes were in full swing with no duallies out for the adventure. In fact, three (myself included) were SSing it, Matty L going a couple of steps further with the rigid 29er SS employed.

Come the end of the night we were down to four and we'd all had a ball. The trails ranged from pig sty to small creek and ending up were you'd intended was something of a luxury.

Benny Randall followed Bellies' lead to go wrong side of the tree and end up having a lye down. Matty and I decided against this chute/water slide not wanting to be lucky number three, holstering the bikes 'cross style.

On a side note; Evan Jeffrey not only kills it on a bike but also knows how to point a camera. All his Castlemaine 6hr piccies are now up.

Look, it's me...

...and Jimmy, the other half of Twin Unicas Velocidades.

Finally, due to popular demand...

...I bought it.

Now I just need a dry event so I can wear it! No mud for this masterpiece.

1 comment:

Scott Liston said...

John, you must have quite a unique thought process when it comes to finding a team name!

First it was Team Jah (pronounced: YAH) and now Team Unive....

hmmm must be all part of being a Super Grover.

Classic Jersey, cant wait to see it.