Thursday, August 09, 2007

2 down, 1 to go

Today saw the end of my second rotation of clinics, and with it hopefully the end of little sleep and no riding (hence, no blogging). Just in time, after another postage hiccup, to help mark the occasion is my little piece of CNCed UK art.

The brilliant Middleburn RS8 Duo (three links people, genius in all of them). I now have a geared MTB running again so bring on the dry(er, no drought thanks) weather please.

For the gear weenie's among us
-175mm arms
-the everlasting square taper interface
-29/42 slickshift, hardcoat rings
-aluminium chainring bolts
-titanium crank bolts (not pictured)
-576 grams for the lot
-makes for a 720 gram complete crankset! xtr, pfft! to get them in Australia - pickup some I9 wheels and Formula brakes while you're at it. Still impressed by both whenever I ride, undecided which I like more.


Ash Thomas said...

hell ride tommorrow?

Grover said...

it's soooooo early, but ok. look for me off the back.

Ash Thomas said...

so I guess you'd be pissed at me then... Not a good morning.. Hope you didn't go out in the rain!

Tim Bateman said...


Does the Middleburn Duo give a better chainline than if you ran a CD spider on the RS8 crank ?