Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's all about the bike!

Lance was wrong. A few bike setup tweaks and it's pain free sailing, or should that be riding. Throughout winter the single speed was a surprisingly comfortable and capable bike, so in a stroke of genius I decided to change the roadie and duallie to the same measurements and saddle, what a change!

Wednesday night, Fatties ride. Last week I felt I was riding a tractor, this week a race car. Ok the engine wasn't there, but the handling was. Managed to stick to the wheels of the freaks up front (you know who you are), until I got too close, didn't see a rut, lost a tyre in it and did my best to flatten a tree hip'n'shoulder style. 'Twas a big tree and I ended up sitting in the shrubs, on the other side of the track, facing the wrong way with my bike sprawled across the track, wheel still spinning and I9 hub still purring. Things that hurt checklist; left shoulder - tick, right lower back - tick, right forearm - tick, right hip - tick, left ankle - tick. Fair to say the rest of the night was a bit slower for me.

So Thursday, what better way to really test what hurts than to give the new setup on the roadie a run. A quick spin to the top of the 'nongs and back, new setup = no knee pain. Either that or everything else that hurt overshadowed it. I'm guessing the former though, as the new setup also had me in the 16's, 1.51 faster up the 1in20 than last Saturday. Yes, one minute and fifty-one seconds! May have to attribute some of that time drop to the incentive provided by the Rasmussen look-a-like and his bobbing buddy that tried to follow my wheel all the way up, staying put until the last k and a half.

Weekend riding, Ash says hell ride, Jimmy says MTBing in the snow. Sorry Ash, you're on your own.

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