Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time = K's = Pain

With a new rotation came a new timetable, so some frequency to riding has been possible. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday all with some ride time every week for five weeks. A somewhat effective program can be made from that, mostly lone K's. Wednesday was Fatties ride where the Middleburn magic shone for the first time, but other than that it's been lone roadie time.

However, a quick hour and a half spin today gave me flashbacks to Scotty's blog, feeling some anterior patella pain. Too many hills straight up I guess so perhaps some boring beach k's will be in store. Oh yeah, that's why I haven't been hell riding...



...and repeat. Just look at it, beats the hell out of...flat, red light, chase like hell to catch bunch...and repeat doesn't it. So hell ride this week, see you there, if I wake up in time.

Finally, in answer to a query about the Middleburn Duo setup and chainline. I haven't used the RS-8 cranks with a CD spider so can't compare exacts, but the duo with a 113mm spindle sees the little ring line up with the 5th cog, and the big ring line up with the 7th cog. I've got 110 and 107 mm bb's hanging around so will fiddle when I get a chance. Click here for chainline pictures in every gear combination. Starts with little ring and runs through cassette big to small, then repeats for big ring. No problems riding in any combo last wednesday, but think it could be even better with a narrower chainline.

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Tim Bateman said...

Sweet as for the technical detail shots! Thanks ....