Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nothing to Add

Clinics are over, very little sleep is being had, and I've got a big split in my foot. There's 15 weeks of catching up to be done with the whole course and it hurts to push the pedals. So while there's no riding content to add watch this, a mate's second attempt at expressing his insanity. Volume 1 may be there somewhere as well if you look hard enough.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What the...

Three what the...'s

WT#1 - Sock height gone too far - anyone remember Brian Singh?
(supposedly motor biking around Australia as we speak)

Road K's today, racing sunset so decided to rock the business socks straight from work to save time in the change. An interesting day, faster, but felt slower, and couldn't hold the heart rate up there. Good or bad? I'm not sure. I'm thinking bad, a bit too much too quickly and only faster as for once the wind was on my side. We'll see how Fatties ride is tomorrow - I'll be either go or blow.

On the training thing, for those using the Garmin toy what software are you using? The supplied Garmin Training Centre, the free SportsTracks, the pricey TrainingPeaks, the web-based initially free then pricey MotionBased, something else, or a combination of a few?

WT#2 - UNDER the claimed weight!

A bargain at 25 bucks each just got better, 34 grams lighter than claimed. We'll make them the summer race tyres I think, if I actually get to a race.

WT#3 - Random pic from net, don't know why or how, but it's cool.

PS. CLINICS - 67 days down, 8 days to go!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


This is what it felt like today...

...nothing there! No legs.

After spending all day yesterday pushing into the wind solo it's fair to say I didn't wake up the freshest. Alas, I decided a quick SE up the 1in20 would be suitable before work. From home to the top and back is a quick 50 clicks, and a very common ride that I squeeze in when time's lacking. If I've done this right and you have Google Earth you should be able to see the route by clicking here.

Check the flag taking a beating, the wind is still here.

Felt rubbish all the way out there, pushed the gear over all the way to the top feeling like I was going backwards, and finished a measly 14 seconds slower than last weeks 'feelin' good' effort. Quite surprising, then the about-turn and home feeling rubbish all the way back again. But the average was still comfortably above 30 so it must be that getting some regular riding in is good for you. Training eh, maybe I'll try and stick with that.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Spring Saturday

Was there anything better than being out on a bike today?
Absolutely perfect!

Look at that sun beat down, the camera can't handle it.

A couple of hours in I cruised past Westgate Park, so decided to cut a lap. Roadie went surprisingly well, but, I REALLY want a cross bike.

A good day spent on the roadie, and going sans arm/knee warmers, those tan lines are coming along at a rapid rate. We'll catch up to the boys ala Norris in no time.

Tan Lines and Dust Masks

Um, it's Winter, well was until today. Winter, and already on the bike rocking jersey/knicks only = tan lines. Worse, winter and already coming home from the Fatties ride wearing the 'raccoon' dust mask.

Thursday arvo out on the roadie.
Melbourne's horrible in Winter isn't it, ha!

Weather is perfect for riding, now, but think summer, we're in for a stinker. Good reason to finally get your hands on an Edge 305 like I did this week so you can go exploring in the cooler, less dusty trails of the Dandenongs.

Unfortunately for me the day I got it Garmin announced their new Edge 605 and 705, with colour screens, base maps, longer battery life, SD card compatibility and plenty of others improvements including compatibility with other brands wireless power sensors. Not much more you could want, December release supposedly. I'll just keep telling myself the 305 is lighter and be happy, especially now that I'm in hand nirvana, picking up a set of these from Pearl Izumi, pure bliss!

That's all for now, Spring riding awaits.