Sunday, September 02, 2007


This is what it felt like today...

...nothing there! No legs.

After spending all day yesterday pushing into the wind solo it's fair to say I didn't wake up the freshest. Alas, I decided a quick SE up the 1in20 would be suitable before work. From home to the top and back is a quick 50 clicks, and a very common ride that I squeeze in when time's lacking. If I've done this right and you have Google Earth you should be able to see the route by clicking here.

Check the flag taking a beating, the wind is still here.

Felt rubbish all the way out there, pushed the gear over all the way to the top feeling like I was going backwards, and finished a measly 14 seconds slower than last weeks 'feelin' good' effort. Quite surprising, then the about-turn and home feeling rubbish all the way back again. But the average was still comfortably above 30 so it must be that getting some regular riding in is good for you. Training eh, maybe I'll try and stick with that.

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