Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tan Lines and Dust Masks

Um, it's Winter, well was until today. Winter, and already on the bike rocking jersey/knicks only = tan lines. Worse, winter and already coming home from the Fatties ride wearing the 'raccoon' dust mask.

Thursday arvo out on the roadie.
Melbourne's horrible in Winter isn't it, ha!

Weather is perfect for riding, now, but think summer, we're in for a stinker. Good reason to finally get your hands on an Edge 305 like I did this week so you can go exploring in the cooler, less dusty trails of the Dandenongs.

Unfortunately for me the day I got it Garmin announced their new Edge 605 and 705, with colour screens, base maps, longer battery life, SD card compatibility and plenty of others improvements including compatibility with other brands wireless power sensors. Not much more you could want, December release supposedly. I'll just keep telling myself the 305 is lighter and be happy, especially now that I'm in hand nirvana, picking up a set of these from Pearl Izumi, pure bliss!

That's all for now, Spring riding awaits.

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