Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What the...

Three what the...'s

WT#1 - Sock height gone too far - anyone remember Brian Singh?
(supposedly motor biking around Australia as we speak)

Road K's today, racing sunset so decided to rock the business socks straight from work to save time in the change. An interesting day, faster, but felt slower, and couldn't hold the heart rate up there. Good or bad? I'm not sure. I'm thinking bad, a bit too much too quickly and only faster as for once the wind was on my side. We'll see how Fatties ride is tomorrow - I'll be either go or blow.

On the training thing, for those using the Garmin toy what software are you using? The supplied Garmin Training Centre, the free SportsTracks, the pricey TrainingPeaks, the web-based initially free then pricey MotionBased, something else, or a combination of a few?

WT#2 - UNDER the claimed weight!

A bargain at 25 bucks each just got better, 34 grams lighter than claimed. We'll make them the summer race tyres I think, if I actually get to a race.

WT#3 - Random pic from net, don't know why or how, but it's cool.

PS. CLINICS - 67 days down, 8 days to go!!!


Erin Francis said...

I use sportstracks and training center. Sports tracks is nicer to use and better designed, but Training center seems to do a few things it doesn't. Maybe I just need to read the documentation more, but currently I use them both. Which can be a bit of a pain because I have to import data into each one seperately. That isn't too much of a pain though, because training center loads the data automatically when you plug the GPS in.

Adrian said...

I'm thinking of getting the 305 for road and mtb. You happy with yours (speed/heart rate/GPS signal) and so on?