Monday, October 08, 2007

All Systems Go!

Well says I'm allowed to ride as the foot 'happenings' have almost resolved. Problem is the pending end of semester and customary rush to complete assignments and pass exams that will prolong my lack of chamois time.

Did manage to turn the legs over today though, into the Royal Children's Hospital for a day of captivating lectures and tutorials on indigenous health and organ transplants. I just had to ride seeing as I'd just thrown together my newly polished single speed at a touch below 8.5kg. Polishing saved 70 grams, an added bonus!

My cheapest bike, and definitely my favourite. Something to be said for 'one-offs'. Pictures are up as it will be locked to a pole in the city during the day. If you spy it unlocked and ridden by someone other than me please decapitate them and bring it back to me.

Glenvale has started again, might try and get down for a race this Sunday.

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