Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back On The Bike

So the sun's out and I figured I was close enough. A 35km trundle on the skinnies today, from shop to shop. A couple of hours work at The Rouleur, try on some Sidi MTB shoes at BSC, drop into Richmond Cyclery in the hope of plopping my foot in a half size that BSC didn't have, and then onto Goldcross Camberwell to say hello and try and chase up a tyre for the man at the local bearing shop (a good man to have on your side, mmm ceramics).

Comfortable on the bike but certainly felt the lack of chamois time. Heart rate soaring to 91% over 300m on a slight incline on the way home, felling the burn and not even trying. A measly 25.8 clicks an hour, with an average HR of 56%. A long way back!

On the plus side, the trip from The Rouleur to BSC and back doubled as a test ride on wheels I never plan on buying, I'm sure I don't need to mention them again but they're worth eight gorillas and Joost Van Leijen rode them last Saturday and Sunday in the Herald Sun Tour. Meant that the bike weighed in at 6.4kg as pictured below, yes including the Garmin.

The first time I've ridden a wheel deeper than about 21mm and although I was mostly sheltered by buildings, any opening meant crosswinds and now I know why there's such a big deal made about wheel choice in crosswinds, and these are meant to be one of the good ones! It would be down right scary on a bad set of wheels in a crosswind. On the other hand, with the same perceived effort I was riding 3-4km/h quicker with these on, not to mention that it felt like the bike was trying to accelerate from under me with such a substantial drop in weight at the tyre/rim/spokes.

Now to the most important part, shoe colour. I've decided on a set of Sidi Action SRS in size 45.5 and can get them in a stylish blue to match the Super Grover jersey, or in the ever classy black. Which will it be? And don't say both! If you do I may have to and I really can't afford it.

Stylish Blue

Ever Classy Black

Finally, following Bellie's stroke of genius I too have a for sale blog. Grover's Garage is open for business, no stock yet but I'll let you know on here when some arrives.

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Ash Thomas said...

do the blue - super grover!!