Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kona Surfcoast 6hour MTB Festival

Better late than never, working 13-15 hours a day means no time for blogging (but lots of money for bike parts!).

Anyway, on October 27 while all the big guns were vying for bragging rights in Canberra Mr. Richard Grant and I made the much nicer trek down to Anglesea, to a little place called 'Eumeralla eco-camp'. The occasion, the inaugural Kona Surfcoast 6hour MTB Festival.

Not wanting to camp, and not feeling that either of us were in any shape to pedal around for 6 hours we both signed up for the no-lights required 3 hour event. This event was special for another reason, my first race in Super Grover kit.

The race kicked off at 4pm just as the heat of the day was going and a cool breeze seemed ever present. Being on the single speed (no, the yeti hasn't arrived yet) I had no choice but be near the front up the first climb and managed to lead over the top before Troy Bailey flew past on the decent never to be seen again on his way to winning the 6 hour event.

Not too much climbing meant the single speed was perfect, but the same can't be said for the hardtail. Sections of track being absolutely jarring making it difficult to keep the spin going. The limited fireroad was a nice touch and very promising single track that just needs a little riding in to turn into a very flowing track.

So around I rode for three hours, pushing the climbs, and coasting elsewhere. Big Rich turned from race rival to pit crew after snapping a derailleur hanger twenty minutes in. Watching the clock I started slowing up from lap 5 so that number 7 would finish right on the 3 hour mark. I ended up coming in a minute early anyway but went with the wait it out pre-finish line tactic, avoiding having to put the lights on and walked across the line, 7 laps in the bag in 3 hours, 11 seconds with darkness setting in.

A quick pack-up and Rich and I headed home for a lovely sleep in my own bed. We should have stuck around as the results indicate I managed to pull off the W. Big thanks to Mick, Shane and all the others down at Southern Exposure for the great race. The twilight concept is a good one. Race data is over at MotionBased, 87% average heart rate! I must have been off the bike for a while.

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