Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Turquoise Twice, Splashes of Chrome

Toys have been coming in thick and fast at the shop. I decided to go the route of a new shock on the ASR to complete it...

...which I think it did very nicely.

Of course something had to keep the shock company on the trip from Yeti to us, some extra turquoise.

Technically not mine, but I'll be throwing a leg over at some stage(s). Coming together very nicely.

Enough about bits and more about riding them. Have managed to crank them over a little in the past couple of weeks, mainly roadie time doing the commuter thing into work.

I did manage to give the ASR a good test on Saturday morning chasing a pink pair in Rohin and Sam on a 60km loop from Ivanhoe out to Donvale and back. More than enough climbing for my liking with Sam throwing in some extras just because I was hurting. Plenty of sweet singletrack to offset it though.

The best part, how instantly I felt at home on the ASR, that elusive balance point is so easily found. Lucky I'm comfortable on it I suppose as I've now committed to racing in a Mixed 4 at this weekends Kona 24 in Forrest.

Oh, more bits.

New bar/stem/tape/hoods/spacers/top cap. Pimp my ride roadie style!
Yes that tape is chrome.


Ash Thomas said...

that tape is piiiiimp!

What about moving that garmin back to the stem tho...

Anonymous said...

There are looking to have a CX race at all the bay crits this year. tell all you CX mates.