Saturday, December 22, 2007

An Early Present...Wet Sassa

Twas 3 days before christmas
and out on the bike
Were 5 lycra clad cyclists
in for a fight...

...with the ferny, viney, thorny, rooty, muddey etc etc inferno that is Sass Creek. Horrid weather meant a skeleton bunch started out on the Eva 100 mile come Maebus Mini Epic. AJ, Jimmy, Winny, Joel and myself set out for a 3 hour spin in our lovely summer weather sans Rob who is still on the sick list, and yes the 100 mile is merely postponed, not cancelled.

Following the Ben Randall Invitational invitational last weekend I hoped there had been some climbing legs developed, I was wrong. The boys decided the best way was straight up the fire road from Ferntree Gully to the top of One Tree Hill. Twenty Minutes, sections of twenty percent, and an average speed of 8.9km/h when I hit the top. The worst part, Joel decided the single speed was the weapon for the day, and rode everything. Contact him if you're willing to donate some knees.

With the climbing for the day out of the way we were left to enjoy the benefits of gravity. Winding our way down and around, trying to recall how to ride wet roots (myself having to try much harder than the rest it would appear and much practice is needed). We all had some 'Sassa Sting', the leech count was higher than last weekends flat count, and Winny had a bout of the odly named 'Sassa Smile'. It's weather like this when you're happy to ride a mtb, imagine how much the roadie would've sucked today!

On that note I'll leave you with a bit of roadie bling. Just completed today, the newest Parlee to hit the Australian roads. A big bike for a big boy, yet even in a 58cm this toy weighs in at 5.7kg!


Ash Thomas said...

re: hell ride

As you noticed, I got dumb and went riding when I should have died on a couch or in bed, so I'm a bit behind the 8 ball - naturally I'll be giving hell ride a crack, coz I'm a simple man with simple needs, but I won't be rolling the hills, and I'll just hang on the way home, so if that sounds like you, I'll see you there!!

Ash Thomas said...

and so I guess it wasn't you then....!

Where were ya buddy??