Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Beach fun/stupidity and the first week back at uni had me tired and injured for 8 hours of heat in Eildon last weekend. The second running of HDATO post Whittlesea was once again a stinker and once again my category of choice was the male triples. However, this year there was a twist, a couple of team mates that still fly around post 40 meant our total team age was 126 and an entry into the 40+ category. We later found out we were the only ones so what went from a quiet confidence changed to a sure thing after completing a lap each.

Firstly, plenty of photos over at MTB-Images and they're responsible for putting a bit of colour into this post combined with X-Treme Shots who also have a few and are likely to have one of you if you shoot them an email. The ever dilligent Fatties have also got the results up already.

After a lovely slow trip over the Black Spur thanks to those ever cautious drivers I eventually made it to Eildon with time to spare before the 9am gun firing. Bruce and Chris arrived not long after and we did the registering thing before I kitted up to suck some dust on the first lap. Knowing it hurt to get out of the saddle thanks to that beach fun and resultant sore hip/back I sat and pushed for as long as I could last. That turned out to be about 10 minutes before I started going backwards, managed to roll it home for lap one and a much needed hour break.

Next lap was feeling good until the chain went pop, third lap the legs didn't wake up, fourth lap was good, fifth was better, sixth was the fastest for the day making a position which Bruce was able to hold until the finish putting us 1st 40+ Triple (hehe), 7th Open Triple and my calculations say 17th overall. Was sounding good until I reallise that the local Orbea freak in Scotty Chancellor managed to solo it home with the same number of laps, just 11 minutes quicker.

What did I learn? The Eildon fun factor is improving with each year, great track...and amongst uni sapping time and a sore hip/back I'm going to suffer come Otways this weekend. Wish me luck, seven hours is looking tough now. I just finished putting a triple crankset on the bike for the first time since I can remember, a grovel gear just in case.

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