Monday, March 31, 2008

The Gut Full

or perhaps more accurately for me, 'the lung full'. I'd paid the cash so I coughed and spluttered my way to the start line of the Big Hill Events 'Gut Full' Marathon. 90km was on the cards today, and while I hadn't yet marshaled when the man behind the mike said go, I made my best effort to make it up to the front of the field in what was almost a replica of last years events. However that's where the similarities stopped. It took ten minutes for my lungs to start emptying out all sorts of wonderful colours and flavours and I decided my day was done. Yep, that cold is hanging around.

I made it to the first feed zone at 22km, had my fill of the delicious Degani bakery treats, had a chat to the army of support crew that had volunteered their time (champions) and then Sleeman (doing his one XC race for the year) rolled in. He'd entered the 36.5km option, which sounded like much more fun than 90km. I made the switch and we rolled along, had a chat, pinned the tacky single track sections. I gave him a push when his legs didn't want to go fast uphill before setting of in pursuit of some positions. Results here. Yep, 2nd place Open Men 36.5km.

Originally they had me down as winning the 90km event with an average speed of 46km/h, but I couldn't convince them I actually did it. So short was my day that Stephen Rowe was only able to capture me once. Heading up to the podium for my, controversial according to Joel, 2nd place. Thanks to the endless list of sponsors including Felt Bicycles (donated the bike in the background below), Total Rush, Croydon CycleWorks, SRAM, Rock Shox, Endura, Maxxis. Even down in the 36.5km race the schwag was good, and you didn't need to be on the podium. I think those without a spot prize were the minority on the day. Garmin data here if you're really bored.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A month later

and I've turned a pedal again. Now back to regular programming. Four weeks ago I survived Otways, then I had my wisdom teeth out, then I got sick, and now it's Easter and a week until another MTB epic in the form of 'The Gut Full' marathon. Luckily Easter meant some instant fitness (fingers crossed) up one decent berg in the form of Mt Buller with the Monash Uni bunch. Not much to be said about roadie time other than 3 days and 5 ascents of Buller amongst other k's. To liven things up here's a couple of piccies from the DH State Champs of that guy that used to ride up hill as well, Sleeman doing the DH thing.

Another guy that just has to be mentioned is the Orbea enduro wonder kid. Now he's of legal age he's done his first 24, which just happened to double as Nationals. I got a message with 3.5 hours to go saying he was 1st U25, 7th overall and a broken man. So broken that he picked up another couple of overall positions to finish 5th overall and take out the U25 National Championship. Well done Scott!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Stock

Just a heads up, the Garage is full again so head over and see if anything tickles your fancy. Stock includes a couple of complete bikes I'm selling for a mate heading overseas.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

From The Sideline

I'm back on solid food post wisdom teeth removal, but not quite back on the bike. The inaugural Mt Beauty 6 Hour wasn't to be missed though, so I kept Jimmy company on the drive, and played spectator for the day.

Come 10am they were off.

an so was I.

Paulie came home 1:30 clear of the field post lap 1, and that stood as fastest lap of the day. I came home smack on 2 hours, which I'm hoping for everyone else's sake was the slowest lap for the day. Even walking, you can see why Mt Beauty is a favourite destination for anyone on fat tyres, a very popular track indeed.

Being mid 30's on the mercury the solo guys and gals were always going to suffer. Kim McCormack rode away from the field to take the women's win

for the men it wasn't made so easy, having about 6 riders separated by mere minutes for the first half of the race.

Rohin and Clacka led from the front

it's all about 2 weeks for Clacka, so yesterday he backed off

leaving Rohin to go it alone

before the heat caught up to him

leaving Evan Franzke to come through and take line honours

and Troy Bailey survived for third.

At the pointy end it was an infight. Felt Country

and Felt City

swapped positions until Paulie burped his tyre

allowing Jack to get those few seconds gap

that extended until Scott claimed the race with an hour 40 to go with a little victory celebration.

Although Paul seemed a little delusional about the whole thing

and wasn't really chasing.

Team rounded out the Pointy Pairs Podium in Third

even though Neil rode all but his last lap, which was 4 minutes quicker, with the brakes on.

My two hour lap produced 280 photos, so feel free to peruse the gallery for a snap of yourself in action. It's fair to say my skills behind the camera weren't at the greatest standard though. If you do find a decent one of yourself and want the high-res file just shoot me an email.

Thanks to the Ploeg's for the accommodation even after we arrived at 10pm after getting stuck at the Myrtleford Street Party for an hour waiting for pizza, and to Felt Racing for allowing me to steal a chair and some of their shade for the day.

Finally, a note to all. Get on the SRAM program! Another XTR shadow rear derailleur lost all spring tension yesterday, nearly costing Felt City the race. I think we count that as number 7 for the season. Luckily Scott only had descending left on his lap when it happened, he was able to limp home. A quick derailleur strip and reassemble had him back up and running in time to head out again.

In other big race news, T-Lowe is smashing it over in France. 10th in the prologue at Paris-Nice, one second out of the white jersey.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

YouTube Fame

A while back I had nothing to add so posted a video of a mate from uni who enjoys being upside down and jumping off things. Well someone saw that video, who thought he was pretty talented as far as that stuff goes, and who just happened to be looking for someone to perform these antics in an advertising campaign. The rest as they say is history...ACT YOUR SHOE SIZE.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pain & Suffering

That's what Otways was meant to be, but funnily doesn't feel that tough now that it's over...and I look like a character from American Dad after having my wisdom teeth stolen. Yeah, Otways was long but a damn fun epic as well. There's nothing fun about this.

Rapid Ascent has me 51st overall in a time of 6:31:05. The week previous to race day was constant bedtime at 2am, fast food diet and one hour on the bike so I'll take it. No cramping, no real suffering, just a long fun ride through some sweet trails with a bit of pushing in the mud. OK, a fair bit of pushing in the mud, that was so slow in places that the Garmin thought I was stopped, hence I'm lacking 10 minutes from the race time over on MotionBased. With endless riders in front, beside and behind though the pushing was perhaps made most difficult by the comments from those around and the resulting laughter.

Thanks to Kathryn Feldmaier over at for the pics, and to the Orbea boys for once again providing a place to crash although I could have done without the Coke shower. Yes Nathan, coke fizzes when you shake it. See you all next year for another epic made better by everyone putting their rubbish in their pockets, not on the track. Now, back to bed.